Parents Corner

Parents Corner

Photography your newborn baby

How to photography your newborn baby!

A baby brings happiness. A baby is liberating and you complete your journey becoming a mother. You obviously want to take as many pictures of your little one and you are not sure who would do it. You want to just make the best of your baby’s age and...
How to talk to your teenager

How to talk to your teenager

Are you a mother of an anxious teenager who is obsessed and over insecure about himself? Well, there are many ways where you can actually get him under your guidance. Adolescence is very risky, mainly for your kid who is going through a lot of things around him. His...
Fun workout ideas for kids

Fun workout ideas for kids to keep them active

With the new gen starting to do everything by lazing around, kids nowadays don’t really listen to you when they are asked to get up and play sports. You see, most of the kids playing with their laptop or iPad or phones, which by the way is a parent’s...
Best for babies

Some Vegetables those are best for babies

You may find it very hard to feed your babies with solid food for the first times because they are used to having old milk or formula during their first year. Every mother’s special interest in making their babies eat more of vegetables starts from the very beginning itself....
Single Parenting

Multitasking For Single Mothers

Being a mother is the most beautiful and important part in a women’s life. It does not matter how tough the mother’s life get, she always stays positive and supportive with her child and try to protect her baby from all the problems in the world. Sometimes being a...
Fun bedtime games

Fun bedtime games for your baby to end the day with

It is always good to play games with your kids right before they go to bed. Now, here we are talking about kids who are toddler age and not babies or infants. Who says putting kids to sleep needs to be a struggle or stressful for parents. Are you...
Put your infant to sleep

How to put your infant to sleep

Have you lately been sleeping lesser than usual? Oh yes! Then that is going to continue for the next few years! Do you wonder how it has been ages since you had that uninterrupted sleep for straight 8 hours a day? Or how you were able to catch a...
Kids Party

Some cool party favors for kids

Do you know that most mothers nowadays spend a lot of money planning their kid’s birthday party? Yes, this isn’t an easy job as it used to be. When I was a kid, my mother used to decorate the house, buy me a cake and invite a couple of...
9 months of pregnancy

Must haves for the 9 months of pregnancy

There are certain things that a mom to be should posses because the 9 months of pregnancy is not going to be a piece of cake. It is going to be difficult and you are going to need a lot of help from your fellow beings. Well, while pregnancy...
Hairstyles for kids

Cute and adorable hairstyles for kids

Cute Hairstyles!! Kids always look very cute and beautiful with their attitude, talks and dressing style. Parents want their children to look so perfect and sweet, isn't it? Try out these different hairstyles for kids that parents should know. Hairstyles for long faces Does your child have a long jaw, sharp...
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