Republican memo

A media report came to light, regarding a controversial republican Memo which is written by an Indian American Kashyap “Kash” Patel. President Donald Trump finally declassified it after week long bickering and social media trolling. This Kash memo accuses FBI of political bias and portrays them negatively.

The memo stated that FBI was supporting Hilary Clinton and helped her against Trump, though the election results summed up the other way. Patel was a committee staff member for Representative Devin Nunes, who is a Republican from CA and Chairman of Intelligence Committee.

While the office of Congressman Nunes has refuted this report that Patel was the writer for the same. Jack Langer a spokesperson for Nunes stated, “The problem is the lack of facts. Kash being the driving force behind the memo is not a fact. Kash being the pusher of the memo is not a fact. Unnamed people referring to the Kash memo is not a fact” Though no comments are received from Patel yet.

Damon Nelson, staff director of the House Select Committee on Intelligence said, “The clamour to identify an author is indicative of an alarming trend by opponents of our investigation which is to promote spurious allegations against committee members and staff. They will not impact the committees focus and commitment to continue this investigation,” Then he praised Patel, saying, “We value Kashs dedication and his contributions to the committees oversight efforts”.

Patel was in media for traveling to London along with a staffer, during summer to search Christopher Stelle who is the author of controversial dossier on Trump. Patel 37, is from Garden City, NY. He finished his graduation from University of Richmond. He earned a certificate in international law from the University College London Faculty of Lawsand graduated from Pace University’s law school in 2005.He was a trial attorney in National Security Division of the Justice Department. Now he is the chairman of House Select Committee on intelligence. He is also the senior counselor on counter terrorism. In November he posted several pictures of his time at White House writing, “The Dons hit the lanes at 1600 Pennsylvania” for his friends who were along with him.