SIM verification system for NRIs
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The Unique Identification Authority of india and the Telecom Department is in talks to launch a method for the mobile verification system for the Non-resident Indians as well as the tourists, who are not eligible for Aadhaar.

The Telecom secretary Aruna Sundararajan has already clarified that the system of SIM verification for NRIs can be launched in 2-3 weeks.

Currently, all the holders of Aadhaar will need to link their mobile numbers with the unique Aadhaar ID. The government has also been encouraging the move by easing the process more.

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The also include the directive by the government to the telecom operators to go to the doorstep of the customer to get their mobile number re-verified by the Aadhaar. Currently, people can link their Aadhaar ID with mobile numbers through OTP as well as IVRS facility.

The secretary also added that even though non-Aadhaar users can verify their number with the help of their passports, no decision have been taken on this so far.

She also reiterated the government’s stand on Aadhaar re-verification by stating that it is an important move in terms of protecting the user’s security from any fraudulent connections being issued on their names.